Tuesday, June 16, 2009

version 1.9 available for download

I've just uploaded the source code together with compiled versions for Mac OSX (intel) and for Debian/Ubuntu (AMD64) of the most recent "stable" version of the software biomc2. They can be downloaded from here, and the installation instruction as well as an explanation about inputs and outputs can be seen here.

I had a problem compiling the static versions because of the cairo library, so the binaries are dynamically linked  - which means they might be useless if you are lacking some library... and notice that the Mac OSX executables are simple command line programs, without any fancy resources.

Just for the sake of completeness, here is where the files are physically located.

I believe the documentation is insufficient, but I will work on that soon. Your feedback is welcome!

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  1. olá!
    tenho um blog de biologia e queria saber se aceita parceria - http://mhp-bio.blogspot.com/ da uma olhada ve o que acha!


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